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It is humbly requested that one of the Mexican Pakistani Pakhtoan Smuggler, whose front man Mr Hassan (The Care Taker) is involved in Unauthorized Constructions of Commercial Plaza at Satellite Town Rawalpindi. Recently with the Conveyance of Mr. Jabba the TMA Rawal Town, they have started Construction of Plaza at Residential Plot B-84, B-85 Satellite Town Rawalpindi. For this purpose they have bribed a heavy amount to Mr. Jabba Ch Safdar Director Finance through his Taut Ch Khalid who is living in his neighbor house B-86 Satellite Town Rawalpindi.

Sir, when we contacted TMA authorities for these illegal construction they told us to go to Court.

Sir, is it the law that TMA allow Unauthorized Constructions then we go to courts which we can not afford, we rose question with law that why TMA allow this construction that we had to go to court of law (which we can not afford). no body is taking his accountability that where this money came from. Sir already he has made more than dozons of Plaza in Rawalpindi Islamabad and have no source of income

Sir we want justice from you. If i can alone gather all information, why the government is so helpless.

Nabiha Shahnawaz

Social Activist



Dear Sir,

Multiples Problems Faced by the Community of B Block Satellite Town Rawalpindi

First of all we will appreciate the efforts of Punjab Government in resolving issues of people of Punjab.We are resident of B Block Satellite Town Rawalpindi since 40 years and in these 40 years, we have not observed any lawless ness in the society.

However, few years before multiple issues strike the society of Satellite Town Rawalpindi by the illegal Commercialization with the help of TMA/RDA Authorities.


Illegal Construction of Plaza

TMA has by pass all the laws of residential society and allow commercial plaza owner to build multi storey building. This was happened by taking heavy bribes and owner ships in plaza. Now a days under constructed plazas are at B-83, B-84 Satellite Town Rawalpindi by a Mexican Pakistan Originated Pathan smuggler, whose front man Mr. Hassan is performing as an agent on his behalf and he has power of attorney to sell and purchase.

He has further property i.e. B-86 Satellite Town Rawalpindi, which he bought on bogus property documents with the help of TMA Rawal town and RDA officials. Mukhtar Plaza, Azan Plaza, which he has sold few days before on bogus property documents. The case of House B-86 Satellite Town Rawalpindi is still pending at high court Rawalpindi since 1.5 decade.

Two Junk yards are cause of crime and hindrance for females want to enter in Park. These KABARIAS use slang and...

6. Workshop adjacent to Park Fire Brigade. The motorbike work shops has also spoiled the environment of society. Mr.

Hanif Abbasi always listen to our people, Allah bless him, but these matters are out of his way due to TMA official non supporting attitude, please help the community and save environment. 7. Bogus Property Documents B-86 Satellite Town Rawalpindi: The sale and purchase of B-86 Satellite town Rawalpindi on bogus property documents many time to make black money white. Mr.

Hassan the right hand of Mexican Pathan Pakistani Originated Smuggler has bought the same.B- Block Satellite Town Society

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Sir, Mr.M Arshad working in Federal Government as BPS 16 has taken car from our bank on loan and when i call him to deposit the demand .

He started flerting with me on phone, then i went to meet him. he harsh me sexually. His address is :

Muhammad Arshad

National Assembly



Arshad has links in UK and India where his family used to visit frequently.His son do trade in the countries without paying any income tax plus he is involve in many criticized issues against Pakistan.

He has breached out many sensitive information many times.

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